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Nautical Fire Suppression Ltd. Published Warranties and Returns.

To the original Purchaser of all fire systems and devices from Nautical Fire Suppression Ltd: the manufacture of these products will warranty for a period of Two (2) years against Manufactures defective materials and is limited to is replacement only. Any equipment found to be defective during the Warranty Period will be Replaced Free of charge (limited to system only) upon the prepaid return of the defective system. Systems are pre engineered to protect a stated Maximum cubic foot area of space, the customer is responsible for the measurements and volume design of their engine compartment or other protected enclosures. The customers stated volumes are deemed to be accurate for the design and order placement. Installation of all fire system equipment is by the purchaser, (unless contracted to NFSL), and all Manufactures Installation Instructions, and Maintenance Instructions must be "strictly" followed. Nautical Fire Suppression Ltd. assumes no Liability for the failure of any system, or liabilities due to poor installation, workmanship, maintenance neglect, equipment damage, system malfunction or manufactures defects. By ordering the, PURCHASER agrees to and shall forever indemnify and save harmless the SUPPLIER (Nautical Fire Suppression Ltd.) its owners, employees and agents, for and against all third party claims, lawsuits, (injuries or deaths) and losses alleged to be caused by the improper operation, installation or failure of the products supplied under the purchase Agreement.


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