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Fire Suppression System FM-200, HFC-227,  3M Novec 1230 and Stat-X Aerosol fire suppression systems that are designed to protect gasoline and diesel engine compartments on boats and inspected marine vessels. These fire extinguishing systems are also used in land-based applications like data rooms, electrical cabinets, storage containers, vehicles, military, wind turbines and diesel generator enclosures.

Our Systems & Services:
  • Pre-Engineered Systems from 25 ft3 up to 1800 ft3
  • Engineered Systems from 1500 ft3 > 
  • FM-200, Novec 1230 & Stat-X Aerosol
  • Fire Alarm Control Panels & Detection Devices
  • Electrical Alarms and Engine Shutdown Systems
  • Bulk FM-200, HFC-227 & Novec 1230 Sales
  • Cylinder Refills
  • FM-200 Hand Held Extinguishers
  • Stat-X First Responders
  • Representatives for Sea-Fire Marine & Fireaway Inc.
  • Materials Procurement Services